We offer three worship experiences on Sunday mornings.  Both types of worship are designed to encounter God in unique ways and one of our pastors leads both services.  There is no particular dress code that you need to adhere to; you will find people who are dressed in suits and dresses all the way to jeans and shorts.  Come to worship wearing whatever makes you comfortable.

At 8am (9am beginning June 6th)we have a Traditional Worship Service which is more contemplative and liturgical in nature and music is provided by an organ and a Choir.  This service takes place in the Sanctuary, which is on the end of the building closest to Hoopes Road. 

At 10am (beginning July 11th) we offer a Contemporary Worship Service.   This service is also known as The Lampstand and is less formal than a traditional service, but still includes a biblically based sermon and music is provided by our Lampstand Praise Band.  The Lampstand takes place in our Celebration Center, which is at the entrance furthest from Hoopes Road.

At 8am (beginning June 13th, currently at 9am), we offer an on-line worship option, currently the same music and the same sermon as our in-person worship, but available for those who are not able to attend in-person worship with us.  This will continue past the pandemic restrictions lifting.


NOTE: Our nursery is currently not scheduled to return on July 11th, but we will update as we progress with our re-opening process. We provide a nursery that is staffed with CPR and First Aid certified staff for children 4 years old and younger.  We believe it is important for families to worship together so children are welcome in all of our services. Many of our families with nursery age children will often bring them to worship, particularly at 9am, for the first part of the service and then take them to the nursery after children’s time.


NOTE: This information will be updated as we move through re-opening our facility.  Currently our Sunday School classes are meeting via Zoom and will be setting their own schedule as we move forward. At 10:10 after the Lampstand service and before the 11:15 Traditional service we offer Sunday school classes for all ages.  All Elementary school aged children stay in the Celebration Center for a time of children’s worship before they go with their teachers to their specific classes.  All children and youth go directly to their individual classes. We also have a class known as the Carpenter’s Class; which is a faith development class for children or adults with cognitive or developmental delays.

There are many opportunities for Adults to also fellowship and learn during the Sunday School time.

You can find a complete listing of all the adult classes here:  Please note that the location room number is at the top of every door. We have a map of the church in the visitor’s package you will receive on your first visit.