How can I give?

  1. You can make your gifts in person when you worship with us in the form of cash or checks. You can drop off a check when visiting the church anytime, or you can send a check in the mail.  Begin 12/22 we will have a credit card option on-site following worship service (if you forget to bring your offering, we will be able to take debit cards/credit cards on-site.)
  2. You can pledge to the church, and we will provide a convenient envelope for you to use each week or whenever you normally give. You can mail these payments to the church at 38 Hoopes Road, Newport News, VA 23602.
  3. You can use Bill Pay through your personal bank – this saves transaction fees for us and is simple to set up through your on-line banking profile. 100% of your donation goes to where you designate through your annual pledge or any notations you mark on the check.
  4. You can donate online using our secure system, CLICK HERE.  (The “donate online” offers the ability to create an account with your email address and a password  for a routine plan of giving.  I did not research this option to learn if you register your bank account or a credit card for the source funds). 

Please note that our in-person credit card option will just be an additional way to give.  If you already have bill pay or credit card payments going through our on-line system, please do not make any changes to your routine.  This will just be an additional, convenient way for people to give.