Adult Sunday School Classes

Blessed Mess: This is a Sunday School for young adults (18-40) who are in various transitional stages in their lives. There is a lot of discussion in this class and new people are always welcome. You will never be behind! Location: Currently combined with Wired Word in Room 20

Covenant Class is a class that includes all ages.  It is based on the study of the bible and its application to daily life.  The format is lecture with plenty of time for discussion of different viewpoints.  Location: Room 12 (Fellowship Hall)

Family Faith is a class is for adults of all ages.  Topics of study include books of the Bible and literature that relate to our personal journeys in faith.   The format of guided discussion makes it comfortable to ask questions and share ideas. Location: Room 11 (Fellowship Hall)

Trinity is a class for our older adults who like to study the Bible and go deep in the Word of God. Location: Room 10

Wesleyan class is an active group all above 55 who alternate between traditional bible studies and contemporary books.  Location: Room 21

Wired Word is a pastor led class that uses current events and looks at them in light of scripture and Christian beliefs.  This class is made up of a wide range of ages. Location: Currently combined with Blessed Mess in Room 20