Pastor Sarah Wastella

I am so excited to be a part of the amazing things God is doing through Warwick Memorial United Methodist Church!  The first church I served as a pastor after I graduated from seminary was in Norfolk.  I have such treasured memories of my time as their Associate, and I served there for eight years before being sent to Crozet.  Being back in Hampton Roads feels like a homecoming, but also an invitation to a new adventure.  I am enjoying meeting and greeting you all and cannot wait to know all of you!

My ministry over the past sixteen years has been marked by my passion for people, the Bible, and worship.  Preaching and teaching are some of my top gifts, and they are for equipping and empowering God’s people to experience God’s grace, share it with others, and go forth into the world to bless.  I love being with people, and think of the churches I serve as Families of Faith.  God has given us joy, and I think we should enjoy what we do to build the Kingdom of God.  I look for ways to infuse fun into our ministries and mission work.  If we are going to do something, we should have a good time doing it!  I’m often described as the quirky, extroverted pastor with the eclectic shoe collection.

I have a deep knowledge of the Bible.  My enthusiasm for the Scriptures permeates every facet of my ministry.  Whether I am drawing from the depths of Biblical wisdom for worship series plans, teaching my Bible Study, or engaging in prayerful discernment with lay leadership, it all starts with the Bible.  Combining this with my devout Wesleyan theology, I find that searching the Scripture in community to be one of the greatest opportunities to forge relationships and experience God’s vision and guidance for the church.  I enjoy all questions and opportunities to ask why and how, which leads to deeper understanding and growth as individual disciples and as the Body of Christ. 

My son, Luke (14), and I are looking forward with great expectation to our new home with you.  We are bringing our hope, our gifts, and our dogs: our sweet beagle, Macaroon, and our saucy chihuahua, Cholula.  Until then, you are in our prayers of thanksgiving!

In Faith, Hope, & Love,